A seemingly innocent request for a two dollar bus fare escalated into an intimidating robbery against a 35 year old victim after he got off a bus on Counsel Road in Coolbellup.   
Around 7.30pm on Monday the 23rd of May 2011, the victim arrived at his final destination and departed the bus, followed by two other male passengers who rushed ahead of him along Counsel Road. While he was walking in the direction of Coolbellup Avenue, one of the males turned around and began walking towards him with his friend remaining on the side of the road about five to six meters away. When the male approached he requested money for a bus fare, shaping up in a threatening fighting stance with his fists raised when he was told he didn’t have any. Not convinced that the victim had no money at all, he grabbed hold of the victim’s bag and started rummaging through it removing four dollars in coins. In an effort to retrieve his property the victim pulled his bag back and attempted to leave the area when the male again blocked his path and demanded he hand over his wallet. Aware that the male was not going to let him leave the area without his money, the victim asked the male how much money he needed and offered him ten dollars to be left alone. The male agreed and lowered his fists allowing the victim to take the wallet from his back pocket to remove a ten dollar note. With his wallet exposed the male seized the opportunity to snatch it from the victim leading to a short wrestle resulting in the victim retaining his wallet but losing his ten dollars. Agitated by the victim’s willingness to defend himself, the male again blocked the victims path raising his fists in an aggressive manner and snatching the wallet from his hands and removing a fifty dollar note from inside.
In a last ditch effort to retrieve his property the victim snatched back his wallet and ran from the area calling out for help, with his assailants disappearing into a shopping centre car park.
The first male is described as: 
  • Fair complexion
  • Aged early to late 20’s
  •  Medium to solid build
  •  Dark hair
  •  Wearing a white t-shirt.   
The second male is described as: 
  • Fair complexion
  • Aged early to late 20’s
  •  Wearing a black cap and t-shirt with a picture logo on the front. 

If you know the identity of either of these males, or have information about this offence, make a report online or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, where all calls are strictly confidential, and rewards are offered. Please quote Reference Number 5578. 


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