A suburban Burglary turned into a violent ram raid after bandits were caught red handed by the Morley home owner. 

Around 1.00pm on Wednesday the 9th of May 2012, the victim returned to her Alfeda Avenue home and observed a black Hyundi Getz, parked in her driveway.  As soon as the intruders noticed her presence, the male standing outside the vehicle quickly jumped inside the driver’s seat along side his co-accomplice and endeavoured to make a get-away.  The pair soon realised that their departure had been foiled by the victims’ vehicle which was parked on the driveway blocking their escape.  The agitated driver, eager to avoid police detection, rammed the victims’ vehicle repeatedly while the pair frantically yelled obscenities at her demanding she move her vehicle out of the way.  In no frame of mind to be patient, the driver continued down the driveway regardless, scraping down the left hand side of her vehicle and knocking off the Hyundai’s wing mirror as they left.  When the vehicle drove off, the victim noticed that they were, in fact, not a duo but a trio, noticing a third male perched in the rear of the hatchback, holding her husbands guitar amplifier in his lap. 

Detectives are hoping that some of the distinctive items stolen during the burglary will help lead them to the culprits. 

Stolen Items include:

  • Marshall amplifier
  • Fender Telecaster Guitar
  • Gretsch G5120 guitar
  • Ranger electric Guitar
  • Hitachi 55inch Plasma Television

The Vehicle of Interest is a black 2 door Hyundai Getz hatchback, new model with minor damage visible to the front right hand side with right rear view mirror missing.    

If you have information about this offence make a report online or call Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000, where all calls are strictly confidential, and rewards are offered. Please quote Reference Number 6022.



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