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Partners in solving crime

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Crime Stoppers, as a registered charity, partners with the community, State Government and the police – a partnership which has led to many successful outcomes for police and community safety.

Drug dealing is not welcome in my neighbourhood

Late last year, detectives in a large regional town conducted an exhaustive investigation into the supply of illicit drugs. After executing over 20 search warrants where over 25 people were charged with over 100 drug related offences, the main person suspected of the supply was not arrested.

An appeal was made for the public to assist, where detectives encouraged anyone who had information about the drugs to contact Crime Stoppers and still remain anonymous.

A number of contacts were made to Crime Stoppers which provided enough information for the detectives to arrest the suspect.

In all, large sums of money, vehicles and drugs (methylamphetamine) exceeding a street value of $1 million dollars were seized and more charges are pending.

One detective who spoke with Crime Stoppers was very forthcoming in saying that the ability for the public to be able to contact Crime Stoppers and remain anonymous is an extremely important community resource that has a major impact on solving crime.

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